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6 Tips for Success in Real Estate

The real estate market is booming, and right now you have fantastic opportunities to advance your career. So, do you have all the tools required to run your real estate business, and are you attracting leads sustainably? Now you need to grow your sales while the market is hot, and build up a clientele for long-term success. Read on for our 6 tips for success in real estate.

Find a Mentor

Just about any life coach will tell you that to get ahead in life, you have to set your fears aside and go for your goals. This advice absolutely applies to real estate careers. Your level of commitment determines your success, and your attitude determines your altitude.

Are you ready to fully commit to your real estate career? Then you have to have the confidence that you’ll succeed and the guidance to make the right choices. Sometimes, you just need to talk about it to someone who has walked down the path you’re on before.

Talking to a mentor about how he or she overcame their biggest challenges and roadblocks can be a massive step in setting yourself up for a successful career. Every real estate agent has had to go through the trials & tribulations of starting a new profession, building something from nothing, and learning the ins and outs of the industry.

If you’re not fully ready to take the plunge, you can always work on real estate part-time while learning from a mentor until you feel confident enough to make the leap and go for your goals.

Personalize Your Outreach

Cold calling is hard, and in many cases, it isn’t even the best form of outreach.

Try to engage with your leads one-on-one with emails, phone calls, or even letters. By adding a personal touch, you’ll be surprised by the amount of no’s that become yes, and the client relationships that you build. No one likes to feel like they’re a number in the funnel, even addressing the individual by their name is a huge step toward a better outreach strategy.

If email is the way you’d like to go, here’s some advice.

You want your emails to:

  • Start out warm and friendly, (i.e. “Hey, Paul, I wanted to reach out to you..”)


  • Show your expertise in and knowledge of the industry


  • Tell a story of past success or client satisfaction


  • Highlight the pros of working with you, and the value you add


  • End with a call-to-action (CTA) to keep the funnel moving


The emails don’t have to be elaborate or long, and you can send simple automated follow-ups to keep on top of leads (i.e. “Hey ____! We haven’t heard back from you yet…”)

Prioritize Your Time

We all need more time in our days. It’s hard to juggle family, friends, work, and yourself. Nowadays, the real estate market is moving at such a fast pace, that you don’t have time to keep up with everything.

Prioritize your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks using a time management tool or process. There are plenty of options on the market right now for software and apps. Pick one that you can expand upon for if and when you expand your team.

This leads us to…

Seek Proper Support

Know your limits. It’s never a good idea to work yourself to the point of exhaustion. Maybe some days you wish you could just clone yourself to take care of excess tasks?

Hiring an assistant to help take the pressure off of you can be one of the best career decisions for seasoned and busy real estate professionals. In 2022 remote work presents a new option, you don’t have to hire a local assistant to come into the office. Even part-time support can make work, and life, much easier to manage. 

Build Your Network

Don’t attend every networking event you see, however, keep in mind the importance of networking. In real estate in particular, knowing the right people can make or break a career. Also recognize that it takes time to build relationships and trust, the networking process takes years, so start early.

At networking events, seek out people you can help or gain help from the most. Let’s say a new developer just came into town and wants to sell newly built units, or a business owner is looking to retire and wants to sell their facility. All of these scenarios present career-changing opportunities that would otherwise be missed. 

Look for people with problems you can solve, people you can work with, and those who see the potential in you.

Expand Your Industry Knowledge

It is well known that courses help you gain knowledge and skills to grow your real estate career. However, attending the right institution is a highly important factor.

The Indiana Real Estate Institute offers in-person and online courses to help you begin, continue, and grow your real estate career. Our continuing education courses are perfect for those looking to grow & thrive in their career, and the real estate industry. Inquire today for more information!



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