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Benefits to Taking an Online Indiana Real Estate Pre-Licensing Course

Online courses have become more popular in recent years for students, offering a flexible way to further education. They are a great resource in real estate as well as other fields. Many students looking to become real estate agents now take required pre-licensing courses online, to gain knowledge to pass the real estate exam and meet state requirements to obtain a real estate license.

Keep reading to learn more about online real estate pre-licensing courses and the unique benefits that come with taking the course online.

What is a Pre-Licensing Course and How Does it Help?

A real estate pre-licensing course is a required part of becoming a licensed real estate agent. In Indiana, this is a 90-hour course. Taking a pre-licensing course is one of the few steps needed to get a real estate license in Indiana. Once you are 18 years old and have a high school diploma, you are eligible to become a real estate agent and will need to take a pre-licensing course. The pre-licensing course comes before taking the real estate exam, as the course is designed to educate students about real estate topics and prepare them for the exam.

Why Take a Pre-Licensing Course

Besides the fact that a pre-licensing course is required in many states, a pre-licensing course can teach students a lot about handling different situations in the real estate industry. For instance, contracts are an important part of real estate that many students learn about through pre-licensing courses. Pre-licensing courses aim to teach students about the fundamentals of real estate and other important information for when students enter the field. Some other topics included in real estate pre-licensing courses include fair housing laws, property and license law, investments, and more.

Real Estate Pre-Licensing CourseBenefits to Taking an Online Pre-Licensing Course

Real estate students often have the option to take pre-licensing courses in-person or online. Nowadays, pre-licensing courses are commonly taken online as a more flexible option for becoming a real estate agent. Here are some of the main benefits to taking a real estate pre-licensing course online.

More Convenient and Flexible

Online courses offer a lot more flexibility than traditional in-person courses. An online course may be easier to complete for students who have other work and family obligations while they are working on getting their real estate license. Online courses allow students to learn from anywhere. Further, students can organize their learning based on what works with their schedule. While some online courses have live virtual instruction, much of the class can still be done at any time. Meanwhile, some online courses don’t have any live instruction, which can make it easier to complete the course.

Less Expensive

Another major benefit to taking an online real estate course is that it can be less expensive, making them more affordable for aspiring real estate agents. Because in-person courses usually require more physical materials and textbooks, online courses can be cheaper since those resources are often available for cheaper online. By taking a pre-licensing course online, students also don’t have to pay for any travel expenses to get to and from classes.

Access to Materials at All Times

Online courses are more accessible to students not only because of their low costs but also because their materials can be accessed at any time. This means that students are not constrained by set class times and school hours. Students can log in to online classes and learn when they can, having quick and easy access to the materials they need. By allowing students to work on their own schedule, more students can make progress and further their education and careers.

Saves Time

Oftentimes, online courses are less taxing than in-person classes, eliminating the extra time it takes to travel to and from classes. Further, students can often work at their own pace with online courses, whereas a classroom environment has to cater to large groups of students with different backgrounds and knowledge levels. This can be a time saver for students who may have prior knowledge of real estate, to allow them to move through the course quicker. On the other hand, students can spend extra time on certain topics as needed, since they can work at their own pace.

For people with other jobs, families, or busy schedules, this is a major benefit to online courses.

More Interactive

For students who struggle to stay focused and be productive in a traditional classroom environment, an online course may be beneficial. Online courses tend to be more interactive, using different activities and assignments to engage students. There tends to be less of a focus on long lessons and note-taking activities, while more energy is put towards applying the material.

Caters to Different Learning Styles

Traditional in-person classes can be difficult to learn from because they often focus on one or two select learning styles. Online classes incorporate various materials that cater to different learning styles. For example, many online courses include readings, essay responses, videos, simulations, and projects. The different components offer something for everyone and make learning accessible for people who may struggle to succeed in a classroom environment.

Online courses provide many benefits to students looking to get started on their journey to obtain a real estate license. Online courses are more flexible and affordable than traditional courses, making education accessible for people who struggle in traditional classroom environments or can’t afford them. Indiana Real Estate Institute offers online pre–licensing courses for aspiring real estate professionals in Indiana. Grow your career with an education that works for you and enroll in an online course today!



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