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Building a Network: Connecting with Other Students and Professionals in Indiana Real Estate Pre-Licensing Classes

Real estate is a highly social business. In order to succeed as a real estate agent, you don’t just need to take classes and earn your license. You need to network with other real estate professionals.

Networking means building professional relationships with other professionals in your field. When done well, a solid professional network can mean more business for everyone involved. The people in a professional real estate network help each other by:

  • Generating leads and referring clients
  • Sharing industry insights and tips
  • Providing mentorship and guidance
  • Referring each other to job opportunities and investment opportunities
  • Offering support for specific challenges
  • Introducing each other to potential clients, partners, and collaborators
  • Keeping each other informed about industry events
  • Acting as a sounding board for ideas
  • Helping each other learn, grow, and expand knowledge bases

For real estate, networks are vital. Real estate is an extremely personal business, and much of your success is levied by who you know. Almost 40% of real estate referrals come from word of mouth, and agent referrals can bring clients to you– clients who automatically trust you because they trust the agent who referred you.

But how do you build this network? It starts in your Indiana real estate pre-licensing classes.

Building A Real Estate Business Network

When you’re working on becoming a Hoosier State realtor, you will take courses led by experts in the field. You will not only hear from professors but also from working real estate professionals with a lifetime of experience in the field. Your classmates will also be an important part of your Indiana real estate networking– they will go on to become your peers in the field, so it’s important that you develop good relationships with them.

pre-licensing classesMaking Connections

You can’t build a network if you only show up to class meetings, stay silent, and then leave. Networking is personal, and you have to actively foster relationships while you’re in your Indiana real estate classes. Here are some steps that you can take to build a strong network.

Be Proactive and Engaged

When you are proactive and participate in class discussions by asking questions, you engage with your classmates and instructors. Your comments and questions may provoke further discussion, giving you and your classmates a chance to understand each other’s approaches better. This will also help you stand out as a dedicated student to your professors, which can open up opportunities further down the line.

Utilize Social Media Platforms

Social media isn’t just for cute pictures and funny memes. Having a social media presence on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn is vital for building strong business relationships. Your public social media presence lets people see who you are– and see who you know. This builds your credibility and trustworthiness, which is very attractive to clients!

Attend Industry Events

There are lots of opportunities to attend industry events like conferences, seminars, workshops, and networking events in your area. These events are great for networking and catching up with people you’ve met before. They’re also a great place to meet people you’ve only met online; for example, people from local real estate Facebook groups.

To maximize these events’ potential, you do need to be proactive. You need to introduce yourself, hold a good conversation, and exchange contact information. Then, follow up with the people you meet. Send them a LinkedIn message or an email after the conference to help cement these relationships. Stay in touch periodically to share industry updates and offer assistance or resources when you can.

Building a strong network means taking the time and effort to build lasting relationships. Remember, networking is a two-way street. Offer support, share information, and be willing to assist others in your network as well. Building and maintaining relationships based on mutual trust and respect is key to a successful network in the real estate industry.

Who Should You Network With?

In a nutshell, everybody you meet as part of your real estate licensing class should be part of your network. If you’re planning to work in Indiana, you need to network with Indiana real estate professionals. That means future professionals like your classmates and current outstanding members of the field.

Connecting with Classmates

Your classmates are likely to share your goals and interests as a future Indiana real estate professional. If you collaborate with them and build relationships, you can build a support system, form study groups to help each other pass the class, and even develop future business relationships.

Connecting with Instructors

Your real estate pre-licensing professors and instructors can be part of extremely valuable relationships. Good professors have extensive industry experience and can offer guidance, advice, and connections. They can also help you find career opportunities, like internships or job placements. They can help you with the process of calling brokerage firms, interviewing, and other steps toward finding your ideal career in real estate.

Connecting with Alumni

A major benefit of real estate courses is the built-in alumni network. Alumni can share experiences and offer insight into what career paths are possible. Local alumni will have great insight into the area you want to work in and what the real estate market is like.

Connecting With Industry Professionals

When you attend industry events, join local real estate associations, and seek out networking opportunities, you will find established professionals who can help you understand different aspects of the industry. Remember, these are the people currently working in and shaping the field– it is very likely that they have much to teach and offer you!

Getting Started With Building Your Network

Because networking starts from the very beginning of your real estate career, you need to choose the right classes. A good class can provide you with the backbone of a strong real estate network. A bad class, however, can be full of setbacks. When you’re choosing courses for Indiana real estate, the Indiana Real Estate Institute is your best bet. Our legendary professors teach amazing pre-licensing classes that teach you everything you need to know to pass the Indiana real estate licensing exam– and have fun while doing it. There are many opportunities to nurture your network as you learn, and the first step is contacting us today!



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