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Can You Get Your Indiana Real Estate License Online?

There’s a lot to be excited about when you look into real estate in Indiana. 

House prices in Indiana recently grew by 17.5% in a single quarter. Plenty of people are moving to cities like Westfield and Indianapolis. 

Real estate is also an exciting career path to take if you love people, property, and business as a whole. It all starts with getting your license. 

Here’s what you should know about getting an Indiana real estate license so that you can operate as a professional. 

Can You Get an Indiana Real Estate License Online?

Anyone interested in operating as a real estate professional must be licensed in the state that they wish to operate. Many people looking to get into real estate prefer to seek online licensing. 

So, can you get your Indiana real estate license online? The answer to this question is a resounding, yes! Like many states, Indiana is working to make things easier for people by providing remote capabilities. Prior to allowing remote testing, people had to visit a certified testing location in order to sit for the exam. 

As long as you satisfy the prerequisites and get your certification, you’re free to pass the standards that will let you begin your journey as a real estate professional. 

Know the Requirements to Earn an Indiana Real Estate License Online

Get to know the licensing requirements in Indiana so that you’re prepared. You’ll be able to sit for the real estate exam in Indiana as long as you can verify that you are:

  • A United States citizen
  • A graduate of high school with a diploma, or a General Educational Development (GED) certificate
  • At least 18 years old

Make sure that you have proof of these so that you can verify your eligibility before taking the exam. 

Enroll in a Real Estate Courseonline classes

Next, take the time to enroll in a pre-licensing course so that you can get a headstart studying for the exam. The state of Indiana requires you to enroll in one of these courses, which consists of 90 hours of course material. The 90 hours are split into three even sections that cover the different subject matter. 

Even people who decide to take their exams in person generally opt to take their pre-licensing coursework online. This is ideal because you don’t have to follow along on someone else’s schedule, and can instead go at your own pace. 

Study the curriculum so that you know what to expect from a real estate course online or in person. Make sure that the pre-licensing course that you take is accredited so that you’re able to fulfill the 90 hours and get material that is up-to-date with the latest exam. 

Study and Take Practice Exams

Keep in mind that you’re only going to get from your coursework what you put into it. Taking the course isn’t enough – you need to also study regularly rather than trying to cram all at once. Schedule time each week to brush up on the course material, and consider taking some practice exams so that you’re not nervous when the time comes. 

In many cases, these practice exams strongly mirror the actual exam, making it a good measuring stick for your ability to pass the real thing. If you know other people that are trying to get their real estate license, consider forming a study group or accountability circle so that you can all stay on track with studying the material little by little. 

Register for and Pass the Indiana Real Estate Licensing Exam

Pick a date to take the exam so that you can lock it in and have a goal. From there, you know how long you have to prepare. A passing score for the Indiana real estate exam is a 75%. The exam is 130 questions, with 80 questions pertaining to national real estate information and 50 questions pertaining to Indiana real estate. 

The exam is also timed, giving you 150 minutes to complete the national section and 90 minutes to pass the Indiana real estate section. You will know at the completion of the exam how you did, which is helpful if you’re trying to get started working in real estate as quickly as possible. 

Indicate that you’d like to take the exam remotely at the time of your registration. 

Complete the Paperwork and Pay Fees for Your License Application

Make sure to also get your ducks in a row when handling your fees and paperwork. In Indiana, you have to fill out the license exam application in advance, along with a $60 application fee. 

Handle this paperwork and the fees in enough time for approval, since you must apply under the banner of an existing broker. Give at least 10 business days for this acceptance to go through. From there, you will get the green light that you’re free to take and pass the exam. 

Plan Your Career Trajectory

From here, start dreaming of options for real estate careers. Working in Indiana in the real estate industry comes with plenty of opportunities, whether you’re more interested in residential or commercial, land transactions, hospitality, or any other type of real estate. 

Once licensed, you can start taking smaller real estate jobs as you build your resume and credentials and climb the ladder. 

Indiana Real Estate 101

These tips will help you out when you’re interested in getting your Indiana real estate license. It’s a thriving real estate market that you’ll be glad to work in once you get your credentials. 

Let Indiana Real Estate Institute help you out when you’re looking into beginning your journey as a real estate professional. If you’ve got questions, take the time to contact us.



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