Understanding the Indiana Post-Licensing Requisites for Realtors

Real estate agents in Indiana studying for their post-licensing requirements, preparing for a successful career in the real estate industry.

Becoming a licensed real estate broker in the state of Indiana is often only the beginning of a long and fulfilling journey in the world of real estate. After being licensed, real estate brokers in the state of Indiana have an exciting career ahead of them—granted they complete certain post-licensing and ongoing education requirements. The […]

The Importance of Post-Licensing Real Estate Classes in Indiana

Real estate agents studying in a post-licensing class at the Indiana Real Estate Institute, preparing for a successful career in Indiana's real estate market

New licensees who have just completed their real estate license exams have just one more step before they can truly embark on their new real estate careers. This final step is completing the final round of licensing coursework — also called post-licensing real estate classes. Put simply, post-licensing real estate classes are the additional coursework […]

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