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A career in real estate is one that is very exciting, fast-paced & lucrative. Agents are often envisioned to be placing signage, organizing open houses, and on calls for most of the day. However, what is the actual daily life of a real estate agent?

If you are considering a career in this bustling industry, let us help you figure out if it is right for you! Keep reading and we will reveal the typical day for a real estate agent, plus our tips for maximizing your chances of success in this profession.

Responding to Calls & Emails

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your inbox in the morning with a few dozen emails or messages from prospects. This means that you have new opportunities you could potentially pursue! While sipping your first cup of coffee in your office, this is your chance to answer these emails and phone calls. It’s key to tackle these in the morning before the hustle and bustle of the day keeps you preoccupied.

Property listing-related questions, offers, inquiries from sellers, and scheduling showings are consistently at the top of the list of what you’ll see in your inbox.

Marketing Yourself

Regardless of how busy an agent may be with other aspects of the job, there is one thing that is always essential to focus on: building and growing your personal brand and business. Many agents will have cards, signs, or flyers that they distribute to increase their leads.

Aside from traditional marketing, your website and social media accounts are paramount to showcasing you & your business. Use these mediums to; answer questions, grow your traffic, generate leads, list properties, and more.

Generating Leads

You can generate the greatest number of quality leads by acquiring a large base of potential clients. You can send emails to existing clients for referrals and repeat business opportunities. Another way is to cold call to reach out to potential new clients. Monitor social media to look for potential business leads and keep your accounts up to date to attract prospects. It is also essential to keep in touch with people in your network. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them regularly. You may want to perform acts of appreciation to maintain the relationship with your previous clients. Good ties with them might bring you some referrals. This can be a simple card, or even a gift.

Scheduling Showings

One of the essential responsibilities for real estate agents is showing your client’s home to potential buyers and meeting with clients to show them homes. These meetings are crucial in forming trust and building the foundation of your relationship with your client. Throughout the day, you’ll be accompanying buyers for viewings. Build trust and rapport with your buyers by offering the highest quality home tour experience and responding quickly to tour requests.

Career Development

Continuing one’s education is necessary for all professions, especially the real estate field. By keeping yourself educated on the latest trends, technology, and changes in regulations, you’re able to serve your clients better. In regards to your pre-licensing and post-licensing, our team at the Indiana Real Estate Institute can help you with our industry-leading tools and experience.


A career as a real estate agent is an exciting path, but just like any other career, it also requires lots of hard work to be successful. If you want this job, you have to make sure you are willing to put in the time and effort that will be necessary to be at the top of your field. If this sounds like you, start your journey today with the Indiana Real Estate Institute and sign up for your pre-licensing course!

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