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How Much Does it Cost to Take a Pre-Licensing Course in Indiana?

Anyone interested in pursuing a job in the real estate industry needs to get a real estate license. If you are just beginning your journey into the world of real estate, you may have just learned that to get your license you must complete a 90-hour real estate pre-licensing course. Now, you may be wondering what is the cost of Indiana real estate pre-licensing courses and how do you find a state-approved course to take?

Today, we are going to dive into what impacts the cost of pre-licensing courses, other fees you will need to pay to get your license, and why taking pre-licensing courses are the top priority.

Cost of Indiana Real Estate Pre-Licensing Courses

Because there are many different pre-licensing courses available today, there is no easy representation of how much your course will cost. Each pre-licensing course option offers different features and because of this, the cost of the course varies from option to option.

Many real estate education providers will offer courses using various delivery methods and in different tiers as well. For example, the Indiana Real Estate Institute offers three distinct pre-licensing course tiers and offers their courses in online, virtual, and in-person courses.

The first pre-licensing course package is the Basic course which costs $529 and includes digital copies of all the materials you need to succeed in the real estate exam. The next package is the Basic Plus at $549. This package includes everything in the basic package plus printed copies of the course manual, study guides, and handouts as well as access to instructor support over email. The final package, the Premier package, includes everything from the Basic Plus course but adds additional study guides, access to over 200 videos and bi-monthly virtual study sessions as well as discounts on future classes. The Premium package is typically $625, but it is currently just $579!

Factors that Affect the Cost of Your Pre-Licensing Course

There are three primary factors that influence the cost of a pre-licensing course. These are as follows. To find the best match for you, it is best to compare a few different options before selecting a course.

Delivery Method

The first way in which a real estate pre-licensing course can differ is how it is delivered. The three types of delivery methods that you can choose from are online, virtual, and in-person. The delivery method you select will depend on your personal learning preferences and availability, but it is important to note that typically online courses are less expensive than in-person courses.

Course Coverage

Now, you may think that all Indiana real estate pre-licensing courses will cover the same information. While many courses will definitely offer similar information, it is important to realize that not all of these courses are created the same. Some courses are simply more in-depth and informational than others. In other words, some pre-licensing courses will do a better job of preparing you for the real estate exam. Unfortunately, if you see a course offering a price that seems too good to be true, it may be just that. The courses that offer you all of the information you need to know are typically going to be more expensive simply because they include more information and resources.

Sometimes the least expensive courses end up being a waste of money because they do not prepare you for the real estate exam or work in the industry. Because of this, it is crucial to find a reputable educator for your pre-licensing course.

Resources Offered

Speaking of resources, some courses offer additional resources — such as study guides, practice tests, and access to experienced instructors via office hours or email. These resources may not be offered in some of the less expensive courses, and they can definitely add to the overall cost of a more premium course option.

Other Fees for Getting Your Real Estate License

While your pre-licensing course fee is likely to be the most expensive fee you must pay in order to receive your Indiana real estate license, it is not the only fee you must budget for. There are two other fees that you need to pay to obtain your license. These are the exam and license application fees. Your exam fee is the fee you pay to take the real estate license exam. In Indiana, this fee is $53 for each attempt to pass the exam. You can take the exam in one of Indiana’s 22 PSI Testing Centers. The exam is broken up into two sections: the national section and the state-specific section. You must pass both sections to pass the real estate exam.

The national section is 75 multiple-choice questions, accounts for 80 of the total 130 points, and you have 150 minutes to complete it. You must receive a score of at least 60/80 to pass. The Indiana section of the exam is 50 multiple-choice questions, accounts for 50 of the total 130 points, and you have 90 minutes to complete it. You must receive a score of at least 38/50 to pass.

The other fee that you must pay is the non-refundable application fee. This fee is $60. Once you have completed your pre-licensing course, passed the real estate exam, and met all other requirements of earning a real estate license in Indiana, you can apply for a license on the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency (IPLA) website.

Why Do You Need to Take a Pre-Licensing Course

First of all, unlike ACT or SAT preparation courses, which are optional preparation lessons for these standardized tests, real estate pre-licensing courses are part of the requirements to get your real estate license. So, if you are pursuing a real estate license, you must take the required number of hours of pre-licensing courses for your state. In Indiana, this is 90 hours.

The requirements for earning a real estate license in Indiana are as follows.

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You must have obtained a high school diploma or GED,
  • You must have successfully completed an Indiana state-approved 90-hour real estate pre-licensing course.
  • You must have scheduled your Indiana Broker Licensing Exam via PSI.
  • You must have successfully passed the Indiana Broker Real Estate Exam, both the state and national portions.
  • You must be sponsored by a licensed and active real estate managing broker.

In addition to being a requirement of earning your Indiana state real estate license, pre-licensing courses prepare you for the real estate exam and your future in real estate. These courses contain information and knowledge that you need to be successful in the real estate industry, and as such, ensuring you find a good pre-licensing course is essential.


If you are interested in becoming a real estate professional, then finding the right real estate pre-licensing course is the first step in your journey. At the Indiana Real Estate Institute, we offer three distinct pre-licensing course packages based on your needs in all three delivery methods. This way you can take your pre-licensing course in a way that suits your schedule and your needs the most efficiently and ensure that you are prepared to succeed in the real estate exam.

So, if you are ready to get started with your pre-licensing course, contact us today!



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