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How to Choose an Indiana Real Estate Pre-Licensing Course that Fits Your Schedule

With so many options for Indiana real estate pre-licensing courses offered through Indiana Real Estate Institute (IREI), you can easily choose the right one to fit your schedule.

We’ll explore the different types of Indiana real estate pre-licensing classes available for students enrolled in IREI, including online, virtual, or in-person. And we’ll provide tips and insights to help you choose the type of learning that best caters to your needs and preferences.

Let’s dive into your options and get you on your way to a successful career in Indiana real estate.

What are the ways to learn at Indiana Real Estate Institute (IREI)?

Indiana Real Estate Institute (IREI) offers pre-licensing courses that provide the necessary education and knowledge to pass the Indiana Real Estate Exam and become a licensed real estate agent. But what are the different ways you can learn at IREI?

IREI has a mission to support and help our students grow and prosper. That’s why we offer three different ways to learn to accommodate all potential pre-licensing students.

  1. Online at your own pace.
  2. Virtually by attending live classes online (similar to a Zoom meeting)
  3. In-person classes at a physical location

Online Learning at IREI Lets You Choose Your Own Pace

Online learning is an excellent option for those who prefer to learn at their own pace or have other responsibilities that limit their availability. In a recent report, 95% of online graduates surveyed recommended online learning, with 70% of students stating that online learning seemed as good or better than in-person learning.

IREI offers a comprehensive online Indiana real estate pre-licensing course covering all the topics required for the Indiana Real Estate Exam. This course is self-paced, allowing you to take it from the comfort of your home, at your convenience, and based on your schedule.  

Expect so much more than your typical cloud-based program. The IREI online learning course consists of the following experiences.

  • Recordings of a live presented class in front of an audience
  • Engaging, entertaining, and educationally immersive online learning experiences
  • Online and digital versions of the student manual
  • Helpful handouts
  • Prompt and personalized communication

Extra Support for Online Learners with the Premier Package

At IREI, we offer three different pricing packages, Basic, Basic Plus, and Premier. The Premier Package for online learning at IREI offers more assistance, including the following benefits.

  • Instructor support via one to two virtual-based meetings every month
  • Exam study guides
  • Practice exams
  • National and state-specific questions
  • Full access to our YouTube channel which includes over 200 videos
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Discounts on future classes

Virtual IREI Classes for Online Flexibility with Real-Time Interaction

The virtual classroom pre-licensing course is a live online course delivered in real time by IREI’s experienced instructors. It’s an excellent option if you want the flexibility of online learning combined with dynamic interaction with an instructor and other students.

The virtual classroom course provides more structure than the online course as it follows an established schedule, with students signing in at specific times for lectures, discussions, and Q&A sessions.

In-Person Classes Put You In Front of our Legendary Instructors

IREI also offers in-person pre-licensing courses held on location in our facility in Indianapolis, Indiana. These courses are structured and delivered by our experienced instructors who combine lectures, real-world examples, and discussions to create an engaging and interactive learning environment.

Students attend classes at our facility and can select between multiple start dates. The in-person pre-licensing course is particularly beneficial if you prefer to learn in a structured classroom environment and have access to an experienced instructor.

Tips for Choosing Whether to Take Online or In-Person Classes

The first step for individuals looking to pursue a career in the Indiana real estate industry is completing pre-licensing courses. Before you get started, you need to decide whether to take the classes online or in person.

Both options have advantages and disadvantages. While online classes offer flexibility and convenience, in-person classes provide face-to-face interaction with professors and classmates. With so many factors, deciding which route to take can be difficult. Ultimately, your choice may come down to personal preference and circumstances

These tips and insights can help you choose between online or in-person classes. When deciding, consider the following questions.

  • What’s your preferred learning style?
  • What’s more convenient for your schedule?
  • Is interactivity necessary to help you learn?
  • Is cost a factor?

Evaluate Learning Style

One of the most important factors when deciding between online or in-person courses depends on your learning style. Some people learn better through classroom instruction, while others prefer to learn at their own pace online. Consider whether you need a structured learning environment or if you can stay focused and motivated when learning independently.

Prioritize Convenience

Online courses offer the convenience of studying at your time and pace, making it an excellent option for those with busy schedules or other obligations. On the other hand, in-person courses require attending classes at specific times and locations. Determine which option fits better with your lifestyle and schedule.

Decide on Interactivity

In-person courses provide opportunities for group discussions and networking with other students. Online courses, however, can offer interactive features such as live webinars or discussion forums. Determine whether you value interactive learning or prefer to focus solely on course material.

Consider Cost

While cost can be another factor to consider when deciding between online or in-person courses, at IREI, online, virtual, and in-person course packages are priced equally. Compare the cost and benefits of each package option to see which one provides the best value for your budget.

Enroll Today in an IREI Course that Fits Your Schedule!

Whether you plan to take the online, virtual classroom, or in-person pre-licensing course at IREI, you can rest assured that you’ll receive a comprehensive education that fits your schedule, makes learning enjoyable, and prepares you for the Indiana Real Estate Exam.

Each course option provides a different learning experience, allowing you to choose the option that best fits your learning style and schedule. Regardless of your choice, you can be confident you’ll receive the high-quality education and support needed to succeed in the real estate industry. Learn more about IREI Real Estate Pre-Licensing Online Course and enroll today!



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