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Indiana Real Estate Institute (IREI) stands as your guide in this journey, providing a diverse array of courses to meet your needs.

Managing Work and Real Estate School Successfully: A Guide from Indiana Real Estate Institute (IREI)


Navigating the demands of a full-time job while pursuing a real estate education can be challenging in today’s fast-paced world. Yet, achieving a seamless balance is possible with the right strategies and mindset. Indiana Real Estate Institute (IREI) stands as your guide in this journey, providing a diverse array of courses to meet your needs. IREI offers online, virtual, and in-person classes, covering pre-licensing courses, post-licensing courses, continuing education courses, and managing brokers courses.


With IREI by your side, you can set clear goals for your real estate education and career. The institute encourages the creation of structured schedules, ensuring effective time management. IREI understands the importance of leveraging online resources, making education accessible and adaptable to your busy schedule. Networking within the industry is facilitated by IREI, offering opportunities for mentorship and professional connections.


IREI emphasizes the significance of a healthy work-life-study balance, acknowledging that overload can lead to burnout. By staying informed and adaptive to industry shifts, IREI keeps you ahead of the curve. With IREI’s support, delegation becomes a powerful tool, allowing you to focus on both your studies and career. 

Setting Clear Goals with IREI

Embarking on a successful journey begins with setting clear and achievable goals. IREI understands the importance of having a vision in your real estate education and career. Whether you aspire to obtain a real estate license, advance in the industry, or start your own real estate business, IREI provides the necessary tools and courses to help you realize your goals.


Creating a Structured Schedule: IREI’s Approach

Effectively managing time is essential when striking a balance between work and school, and at Indiana Real Estate Institute (IREI), we recognize the significance of this delicate equilibrium. We understand that each student has a unique schedule and learning preferences, which is why IREI offers flexible learning styles, including online, virtual, and in-person classes. This adaptability allows you to tailor your education to fit seamlessly into your busy life.


IREI encourages students to create structured schedules that allocate specific time blocks for work, studying, and personal activities. Whether you prefer the convenience of online courses, the interactive nature of virtual classes, or the traditional in-person setting, IREI provides options that suit your learning style. Our commitment is to help you make the most of your time, and our courses are designed to be accessible, accommodating, and effective.


By leveraging digital calendars or apps, IREI aids you in staying organized, ensuring that you have the tools to succeed in your real estate education journey. The flexibility offered by IREI not only empowers you to manage your time effectively but also enhances your overall learning experience. Embrace the convenience and adaptability of IREI’s flexible learning styles as you pursue success in both your career and real estate education.


Utilizing IREI’s Online Resources

In an era dominated by digital advancements, IREI recognizes the importance of accessible educational resources. Take full advantage of IREI’s online real estate courses, webinars, and forums. These resources not only offer valuable insights and knowledge but also allow you to study at your own pace, seamlessly integrating into your busy work schedule.


Networking within the Industry with IREI

Building a robust professional network in the real estate industry is a cornerstone of success. IREI actively promotes networking by encouraging students to attend industry events, join real estate associations, and connect with professionals on platforms like LinkedIn. The connections you make through IREI can lead to mentorship, partnerships, and job opportunities aligned with your career goals.


Seek Work-Life-Study Balance with IREI’s Support

While pursuing your real estate education and career growth is vital, IREI emphasizes the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life-study balance. The institute understands that overloading yourself with commitments can lead to burnout. Therefore, IREI encourages you to be mindful of your physical and mental well-being, providing support and guidance when needed.


Stay Informed and Adapt with IREI’s Guidance

IREI recognizes that the real estate industry is continually evolving. Market trends, regulations, and technologies change, and staying informed is key to success. IREI ensures that its students are well-informed by providing subscriptions to industry newsletters, recommending relevant publications, and organizing seminars. Being adaptable and proactive in learning about industry shifts will keep you ahead of the curve, thanks to IREI’s guidance.


The Power of Delegation: IREI’s Perspective

IREI understands that managing both work and real estate school can become overwhelming at times. Students are encouraged not to hesitate in delegating tasks at work or seeking assistance from family and friends to lighten their load. Delegation, with IREI’s support, allows you to focus on your studies and career without compromising on either.


IREI – Your Partner in Success

Managing work and real estate school successfully requires a strategic approach, dedication, and the ability to maintain balance. IREI, as your partner in this journey, provides the necessary resources, support, and guidance to excel in both your career and real estate education journey. By setting clear goals, creating a structured schedule, utilizing online resources, networking, seeking balance, staying informed, and embracing delegation with IREI, you can confidently embark on this path and achieve your professional and educational goals. Remember, the key lies in effective time management and a determined mindset. Register with Indiana Real Estate Institute today and take the first step toward a successful career in real estate.

Brian is a highly acclaimed speaker, broker, instructor, appraiser, and construction expert with over 25 years of experience. Brian received his bachelor’s degree in finance & real estate from Indiana University and is currently attending IU McKinney Law. GO Hoosiers! After his disappointing attempt at being the next ultimate Jedi Master in the latest Star Wars movie, he found his force talents were much better served as a real estate instructor and speaker.

His vast knowledge and background has taken him all over to teach many topics regarding real estate agency, brokerage, business operations, contracts, appraisal, and investing. He hosts multiple podcasts on real estate education, as well. He is all about helping agents learn what they didn’t know they needed to know.

When he isn’t yacking his head off in front of an audience or helping his talented agents achieve real estate glory, he TRIES to keep his wife happy and occasionally makes his kids laugh.



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