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Curriculum of online post-licensing real estate classes in Indiana offered by the Indiana Real Estate Institute.

Have you recently become licensed as a real estate broker in the state of Indiana? Are you aware that you are required by law to take a post-licensing class within two years of attaining your license?

According to Indiana state laws, all real estate brokers are required to pursue a 30-hour post-licensing course in the first two years after receiving their license. After that two year date, real estate brokers are to regularly take 12 hours of Continuing Education (CE) each year to maintain licensure.

Finding the right post-licensing classes can be challenging, and as a busy professional, you probably don’t want to have to drive to a classroom twice a week to attend an evening course. What do you do? You take online post-licensing classes.

Online post-licensing Indiana real estate classes are a proven way to gain those required education hours, all while maintaining flexibility and accessibility. Plus, they utilize a well-developed curriculum that covers all the essential subjects you need to know, and they are equally as credible and recognized by state law as in-person classes.

Read on to learn more about how you can master Indiana real estate laws through online post-licensing classes.

Curriculum for Online Post-Licensing Indiana Real Estate Classes

After you have received your license, you will need to complete 30 hours of Continuing Education in Indiana real estate laws within the first two years in order to maintain it. After this period, you will also need to complete 12 hours of CE each year. The law requires the post licensing course covers a very specific list of subjects. The simplest, easiest, and fastest way to complete this is to take the courses online.

Online post-licensing Indiana real estate law classes usually consist of a curriculum covering everything from contract law to agency relationships, property disclosures, ethics, and Indiana-specific regulations and practices. Let’s take a look at these in more detail.

Contract Law

One of the subjects covered in an online Indiana post-licensing course is going to be contract law. In the state of Indiana, real estate contracts are governed by statutes and case law. In your online course, you will learn about the details and requirements to watch out for in contracts as a broker.

Some of the things you will learn include the fact that Indiana requires written contracts for all real estate transactions, such as buying, selling, and lending. The law elaborates on this requirement by stating that all such contracts need to be signed by every party involved in the transaction and need to include an appropriate amount of detail about the transaction and property itself.

Agency Relationships

Another aspect of a post-licensing course is learning about agency relationships and the laws surrounding them. As a licensed broker, you will learn about the major agency relationships, which are Single Agency, In-House Agency, Limited Agency, and No Agency (also known as transactional agency.)

Agency relationships are a vital part of Indiana real estate law, as you are required by law to define your agency relationship and put it on a contract so that all parties are aware of their obligations and responsibilities before putting any transactions through.

Property Disclosures

Indiana post-licensing real estate courses require brokers to learn about property disclosure laws during their CE class. For that reason, these laws are always a part of the curriculum.

Property disclosure law in Indiana is detailed and specific, and it is your responsibility as a broker to understand what must be included in property disclosures. In your online course, you will learn that a seller or broker must complete a disclosure form that provides information about the property’s condition, with specific attention paid to the foundation, mechanical systems, roof, structure, water and sewer systems, improvements to the sewage disposal system, and any other potential defects of the property.


One utterly essential piece of a real estate post-licensing course curriculum is studying the ethical requirements to maintain your license. Ethics is a required part of post-licensing courses, but studying ethics is also crucial for knowing how to handle your job and relationships with clients with excellence and integrity.

Additionally, if you wish to become a member of a real estate association, you will most likely be required to review and adhere to a Code of Ethics every few years. Such codes often include a reminder to be truthful in transactions and advertisements, to show fiduciary duty, and be loyal to clients, and to cooperate with competitors ethically.

Indiana-Specific Regulations and Practices

While many states have similar real estate laws, to maintain your brokerage license in Indiana, your online post-licensing CE course needs to include lessons on Indiana-specific regulations and practices in the curriculum.

Indiana law requires that the 30-hour CE course include training in the following Indiana-specific regulations:

  • Six (6) hours in the unauthorized practice of law, in contracts, listing/purchase agreements, offers and counteroffers, and the closing process.
  • Six (6) hours in financing and lending markets, mortgage fraud, loan types, good faith estimate processing, and credit scoring.
  • Ten (10) hours in business planning, goal setting/time management, and methods of growing business.
  • Five (5) hours in negotiation principles and phases, factors affecting negotiations, cultural/language/emotional/values/morals differences, difficult situations, fee or free, confidential advice, professional vs. personal opinion, and counselors of real estate (CRE).
  • One (1) hour in cultural diversity and fair housing.
  • Two (2) hours in construction.

Advantages of Online Post-Licensing Classes

Now that you know how you can master Indiana real estate laws through online post-licensing classes, you’re probably wondering why you should take them online instead of in person. The answer is simple–the advantages outweigh in-person options.

Online classes offer flexibility so that you can take the course at times that are convenient for you and wherever you happen to be. Also, they provide interactive materials and resources and the opportunity to connect with other local brokers via forums and discussions throughout the course.

Credibility of Online Post-Licensing Classes

But are online post-licensing courses credible? Do they fulfill the legal requirements for maintaining your Indiana brokerage license? Yes! Online Indiana post-licensing classes are just as effective as in-person classes as they use the same curriculum, and they are equally as credible and recognized by law as CE credit for maintaining your license.

Enroll in an Online Indiana Real Estate Post-Licensing Class Today!

Are you looking for an online post-licensing class? Have you yet to find one? Well, you’re in the right place. Here at the Indiana Real Estate Institute, we offer online post-licensing classes for Indiana brokers. Our online courses are lively, engaging, and convenient. Register today!


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