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Overview of the Benefits of Taking an Online vs. In-Person Indiana Real Estate Pre-Licensing Course

Do you want to become a real estate agent in Indiana but don’t know whether you should take in-person or online classes? We at the Indiana Real Estate Institute are here to help. We want you to succeed, and you can only do that if you know what steps you must take to get there.

One of those steps is taking the obligatory pre-licensing course. Think of it like the “driver’s ed” of real estate. However, there are several options for how to take this course, including in-person, live-virtual, and pre-recorded online classes.

Choosing between these course options should only be done once you know all about them. Read on to find out more about the benefits of online courses versus in-person classes.

What is a Real Estate Pre-Licensing Course?

Before we can get into the benefits of online versus in-person Indiana real estate pre-licensing courses, you will want to know what pre-licensing classes are. These are not just courses that improve your resume, nor are they only a way to educate yourself about real estate. Instead, a pre-licensing class is a central and indispensable part of becoming a real estate broker in Indiana.

Real estate licensing is regulated by the state government, which means there are specific rules you need to follow to become a broker. Among these rules is that you take and pass a pre-licensing course to prepare you for the real estate licensing exam. In Indiana, a pre-licensing class needs to be 90 hours long.

The Traditional Method: In-Person Courses

Real Estate ClassesTraditionally, to become a real estate broker, you would need to sign up and take an in-person Indiana real estate pre-licensing course. Taking one of these courses would mean driving to a classroom every day for a few weeks or showing up a few days a week for a few months.

In the classroom, you would be expected to have read the required material for the lesson and would likely view some other materials. Then, you might answer some review questions. You would most likely also take a few knowledge tests throughout the course. After 90 hours of instruction, you would have finished the class.

The Alternative: Online Courses

Thanks to modern technology, there is an alternative to the traditional method. The alternate choice is to sign up for an online Indiana real estate pre-licensing course. An online course would require you to do the same quantity of work, but without the need to do it in a classroom. If you prefer learning on your own time or don’t like the idea of going to a classroom every day, an online course is a great option.

Online pre-licensing courses vary in their makeup, but they all must have a few of the same parts, including 90 hours of instruction and exam preparation. Some online courses might offer live, virtual classroom hours, while others will have pre-recorded lectures and lessons.

Benefits of Online Real Estate Pre-Licensing Courses

There are many benefits to taking online pre-licensing courses as opposed to in-person classes. While the choice is yours, we recommend taking a look at the benefits of each before deciding to register for one or the other. Keep in mind, also, that pre-recorded online courses, live-virtual instruction, and in-person classes will all give you the same result–effective preparation for the real estate exam.


One of the oft-touted benefits of online courses of any kind is their affordability. Not all online courses will be cheaper to register for than their in-person counterparts, but the virtual nature of the instruction means you will have fewer costs. How is that so? It’s simple. Online pre-licensing courses give you the freedom to learn from home, thereby cutting the cost of transportation to get you to a classroom.

Additionally, unlike in-person classes, online courses often have their learning materials built-in. This means you will have to pay less, or nothing, for textbooks or other materials.


Another great advantage of online learning for real estate pre-licensing is the flexibility it provides. This works in two ways. Firstly, online courses offer you the ability to study on your own time. So, if you work a busy night shift or need to be home in the evenings, you don’t have to change jobs to study for the real estate exam like you would in an in-person evening class. With online classes, you would be able to log in and read and view the instructional materials when you can.

The second way that online classes offer flexibility is in location. Because you can take the course on your laptop, you can study wherever there is an internet connection. For instance, if you have extra time during your lunch hour, you could view a lesson at the local coffee shop. Alternatively, you could study the entire course from the comfort of your home.


Real estate pre-licensing courses are designed to help you learn what you need to know to pass the real estate exam and become a licensed broker. With that said, the ability to review your learning materials can greatly improve your odds of passing that exam. This is one of the best benefits of online courses.

Since online courses often use digital materials and will have pre-recorded lectures and lessons, you can review them whenever you need a refresher. An in-person course might have the benefit of learning in a classroom setting, but you can’t rewind and hear the lecturer over again. That is only available to online learners.

Faster Completion

While learning styles differ, some learners may find that online courses make them more productive. You can avoid distractions and arrange to study the course when you are most motivated and focused. By doing so, you can complete the class in a shorter amount of time.

Another way you can complete the pre-licensing course faster is by studying more at once, rather than spreading out the lessons to a few hours a day. In an in-person course, this would be impossible, but an online class makes it easy. Lastly, if you already have prior knowledge of certain real estate topics, an online course means you can glide through those sections quickly.

Sign Up for an Online Indiana Real Estate Pre-Licensing Course Today

Whether you are looking for an in-person, live-virtual, or online Indiana Real Estate Pre-Licensing course, the Indiana Real Estate Institute has the class for you.

Have you decided that an online course offers the benefits you desire? Then, register for our online course and get started today!

Don’t wait until the next in-person courses begin to start making your way toward that Indiana real estate license. When you register for our online pre-licensing course, you can start learning right away.



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