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The Benefits of Taking a Virtual Real Estate Pre-Licensing Class in Indiana

Becoming a real estate agent in the modern world is more manageable than ever–however, this might not seem like the case if you aren’t aware of your resources and options. If you’re interested in working as a real estate agent but struggling to find the time to travel to and from a traditional classroom course, you’re in luck. There are multiple ways to learn about this trade with a virtual real estate pre-licensing course.

A virtual real estate pre-licensing class is a vital resource for people pursuing real estate through accessible virtual learning. But what are the benefits of attending a virtual real estate pre-licensing class, and is it worth your time? This article will explore and dissect the many benefits of a virtual course to find the best pre-licensing class in Indiana for your educational needs. Let’s dive in!

5 Benefits of a Virtual Real Estate Pre-Licensing Course

Virtual real estate classes from qualified institutions have too many benefits to count. We’ve narrowed it down to our top five benefits of a virtual real estate pre-licensing course to make your decision easier.


Let’s face it: our daily schedules are already hectic, and finding the time to attend an in-person class is nearly impossible for some people. However, a hectic schedule doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the resources and pursue your dreams. Among the top benefits of a virtual real estate class is its convenience–with these courses, you only have to log in from the comfort of your home.

Courses like the virtual pre-licensing class offered by Indiana Real Estate Institute let you decide where to take your classes and give you the flexibility that so many people need to juggle their activities. No more commuting to a classroom only to find no parking spots–with virtual courses, you can work at your own pace rather than rush to reach your destination.


There’s no hiding the fact that cost greatly influences whether someone pursues education or a field they love. Given that Americans believe cost to be the most significant barrier to higher education, it’s no surprise that you might be concerned about affordability.

However, virtual real estate pre-licensing classes are highly cost-effective, especially compared to in-person education. While traditional courses typically require a sizable upfront investment, virtual classes have greater flexibility regarding how you pay.

For instance, Indiana Real Estate Institute’s pre-licensing course allows you to pay upfront or take advantage of our various payment plans and packages. Having various options makes the cost of education far more realistic for you and your finances.

Access to Expert Instruction

Real Estate Pre-Licensing Course

While you might know some real estate basics from your research, there’s nothing like learning from an expert. Our virtual courses are taught by some of Indiana’s best real estate experts and provide students with a wealth of knowledge to prepare them for Indiana’s real estate exam.

Professional instructors can guarantee you get the guidance and support you need to flourish in your chosen career path. Virtual courses provide real-time support for all your questions while taking up far less time than an in-person course, allowing you to experience the benefits of traditional higher education and more.


COVID-19 is an inevitable concern for people today, and protecting your safety and health is essential for you and your loved ones. Given that the national college enrollment level has declined and fluctuated significantly due to COVID-19, having alternative solutions to pursue your educational aspirations is crucial.

A virtual real estate pre-licensing class provides the same quality education while improving your safety. Whether you’re more susceptible to getting sick or dealing with natural anxieties about in-person learning, you don’t have to forgo your education when you choose virtual courses.

Course Variety

A significant advantage of taking a virtual real estate pre-licensing course is the variety that these classes provide. You can select from a massive range of courses to fulfill your educational requirements while loving every aspect of your learning. Whether you want courses to continue pre-existing education, a pre-licensing class, or a course to teach you about being a real estate broker post-license, you’ll find everything you’re hoping to with a virtual course.

Is a Virtual Real Estate Pre-Licensing Class Right for Me?

Deciding whether to take a virtual real estate pre-licensing course can be overwhelming. If you’re on the fence about pursuing a career in real estate, consider the following to determine whether one of our virtual real estate courses is right for you.

Assess Your Learning Style

Before deciding whether a virtual real estate course is right for you, assessing your learning style is essential. Different students adapt to different learning styles better than others, and virtual classes aren’t suitable for everyone.

If you prefer hands-on instruction and a clear structure for your learning, you can consider one of our in-person classes to get started on a career you love. However, if you’re more of an independent learner that wants a balance between pre-recorded online classes and in-person lessons, a virtual course is right up your alley.

Know Your Resources

While a virtual real estate pre-licensing course is a valuable option for learning, you should assess your level of comfort interacting with technology in an educational setting. If you aren’t familiar with specific technology or struggle to keep up with online course materials, an in-person course may be better for you.

Do Your Research

No matter how you pursue your education, researching before committing is vital. Before signing up, look into different pre-licensing or real estate courses that might interest you. Understand the benefits of each option, such as the different perks that come with our individual course packages, and take this knowledge into consideration.

Additionally, always consider testimonials from certified students that have taken a course before signing up for one yourself. For example, our students have provided numerous testimonials to help you research options and select from our 40 extensive courses.

Get Started With Indiana Real Estate Institute

Pursuing a career in real estate is easier than ever before, especially when you choose a virtual real estate pre-licensing class offered by Indiana Real Estate Institute. Indiana Real Estate Institute provides the highest quality education for people interested in learning about real estate and becoming a broker.

With our virtual pre-licensing course, you can enjoy classes from anywhere while still interacting with a live group to keep you interested in learning. Sign up for our Indiana real estate pre-licensing course today to figure out how to become a real estate agent in Indiana.



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