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New licensees who have just completed their real estate license exams have just one more step before they can truly embark on their new real estate careers. This final step is completing the final round of licensing coursework — also called post-licensing real estate classes.

Put simply, post-licensing real estate classes are the additional coursework that a newly-licensed real estate agent must complete to fully complete their licensing requirements. Not all states require these courses, and many states require different amounts of post-licensing coursework. For example, Indiana requires a total of thirty hours of post-licensing courses offered by an approved post-licensing education institute, like the Indiana Real Estate Institute.

Today we will explore what makes these post-licensing courses critical to achieving a successful real estate career.

Post-Licensing Courses vs. Continuing Education

Before diving into the benefits of these courses, you need to understand what courses we are referring to. You may have seen the terms “post-licensing” and “continuing education” tossed around, but you may be wondering what exactly these terms mean. Or whether they can be used interchangeably or if they mark two separate requirements.

Post-licensing and continuing education refer to two different requirements, though they both require a certain amount of coursework to be completed after obtaining your real estate license. The easiest way to differentiate these two terms and their requirements is as follows. Post-licensing education is only required for new real estate licensees, generally speaking. This coursework must be completed before the first license renewal — in Indiana, this means you will have two years to complete your post-licensing coursework.

Continuing education coursework, on the other hand, is required for all subsequent license renewal periods. In other words, for each license renewal period, you will have to take additional coursework from the continuing education options.

Post-Licensing Requirements for Indiana Real Estate

We realize all of this talk of post-license coursework can be confusing, especially understanding the difference between specific post-licensing classes and continuing education classes. So, to help ensure that you are meeting the proper requirements, we’ll highlight the post-licensing education requirements for Indiana here.

A new real estate broker must:

– Complete 30 hours of an approved post-licensing course within the first two years of licensure. This course will include a specific number of hours of continuing education on the following topics.

  • Indiana real estate transactions (6 hours)
  • Financing (6 hours)
  • Business planning/sales and marketing (10 hours)
  • Negotiating and counseling skills (5 hours)
  • Cultural diversity and fair housing (1 hour)
  • Construction (2 hours)

– Complete an additional 12 hours of continuing education coursework each following year after their two year licensure anniversary is complete.

The Importance of Post-Licensing Classes in Indiana

Now that you have a clear understanding of the post-licensing course requirements, you may wonder what you can get out of this additional education. After all, if you are spending another 30 hours learning about Indiana’s real estate laws and regulations, you want to ensure that what you are learning is valuable.

Luckily, the classes you will take in an approved post-licensing real estate course are tailored to be as informative and helpful as possible. In other words, even if they weren’t required, taking this course would help you get an edge over your competitors and make progress in your path to success as a real estate professional in Indiana.

So, without further ado, let’s explore some of the critical benefits of post-licensing real estate classes that make them essential for any new licensees.

Gather Crucial Knowledge & Insights

The first thing that you get out of a post-licensing real estate course is additional knowledge and specific insights into the intricacies of Indiana’s real estate market. This allows you to better understand the industry as well as the specific market you are going into — which can help you avoid falling into common pitfalls or looking for solutions where they may not exist.

Put simply, without this course, you may not fully understand the local market and, therefore, may have trouble succeeding in your area. Additionally, post-licensing courses typically go more in-depth into topics you will need to create a successful real estates business, such as business planning and negotiation skills.

Build Skills to Better Navigate the Local Market

One of the largest benefits of any class or course is the skills and experience you gain along the way. Unsurprisingly, a post-licensing course is no exception to this. And more importantly, the skills you build during this course will be tailored to help you succeed in your local real estate market, as there will be classes that focus specifically on Indiana’s market — including best practices and effective strategies for success.

Stay Updated with Legal and Industry Updates

Another benefit of a post-licensing course is that you can learn about any new updates to legislation surrounding the industry or market as you begin your work as a real estate professional. Staying up to date with an ever-changing industry is critical, but it can be hard to do if you do not know where to begin.

A mandatory post-licensing course will not only be able to highlight any new regulations but also help you learn how to stay up-to-date and how to find this information moving forward as well.

Gain a Competitive Edge

We’ve mentioned this before, but more often than not, the top benefit of a post-licensing real estate course is the edge you can get in the industry. Post-licensing courses are always changing to reflect the most recent laws and regulations. In these courses, you build skills that help you navigate the real estate market and industry. And you learn strategies and techniques that can help you succeed as a real estate professional in Indiana.

This combination allows you to get a step ahead of your competition and position yourself as a frontrunner in your area.

Start Taking Indiana Post-Licensing Real Estate Classes Today!

If you are working to become a real estate professional in Indiana, you will have to complete an approved 30-hour post-licensing real estate course. But, this course is not simply a time to doze off or only half pay attention to. Putting effort into getting the most out of this mandatory coursework can make the difference between a successful career in real estate and a mediocre one.

So, if you are ready to begin your post-licensing classes, head to the Indiana Real Estate Institute to explore the most entertaining, educational, and engaging online, virtual, and in-person broker post-licensing course options today!



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