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According to, Indianapolis is ranked as the 4th best housing market in 2022. This trend of profitability in real estate is not limited to the city lines, but the state of Indiana as well. As a result of growing real estate trends, more people are looking to earn their real estate license and join the market. Now it is easier than ever to become a realtor once you complete an online Indiana real estate course.

Preparing to sit for the Indiana State’s Real Estate or Broker’s Exam? Take an online Indiana Real Estate Institute course in real estate to review the state topics first! Keep reading to learn what you will learn from an online Indiana real estate course.

How to Become a Realtor

Before they may take the real estate license exam, individuals must complete a pre-licensing course from an accredited institution, according to state regulations.

The number of training hours needed can differ greatly by jurisdiction. In the state of Indiana, you need to complete 90 hours of training in order to get your real estate license. For continued education, you need 36 hours to renew your license every 3 years and 12 hours per year.

Once you have completed your training you will have to register for the exam. The test will cover federal and general real estate regulations and principles. After you pass you will need to activate your license and pay the necessary fees.

Benefits of Taking an Online Indiana Real Estate Course

Taking a real estate course online helps to free up your schedule and work towards your real estate license. Online courses are a convenient and efficient use of your time.


As a prospective real estate agent, you are likely filling your plate with networking and open houses to learn the trade. Whether you are doing your continuing education training or new to the trade, your schedule is likely to be hectic. Any day of the week, at almost any hour of the day, one of your clients may require your services, so a flexible training schedule can prove to be incredibly valuable.

It’s so much simpler to study real estate online than in person. You can take classes at any time of day when you learn online, including late at night. You can go at your own pace and work around your schedule. Furthermore, you can accomplish it in the comfort of your own home without even leaving.

Efficient Use of Time

Online Indiana Real Estate CourseOnline courses cut out a lot of wasted time. In a traditional course, you will be tied up with busy work, commuting time, and stuck with a rigid rubric. When you learn online, you can put your anxieties about needing to spend months taking classes and getting certified to the side.

With online courses, you can go at your own pace and even finish a 90-hour course in less than a week! You are also free to go at a slower pace so that you can work studying into your schedule. Most online Indiana real estate courses allow you to complete your training over the course of a single year.

Access to Essential Information

Apart from being a requirement, online training courses can equip you with valuable information necessary to succeed in the real estate industry. During class, you will research topics to advance in your field, which will help you be successful in your endeavors. In addition, no classes will be trimmed short or presented in partial segments, so you won’t have to worry about missing knowledge.

Disadvantages of Taking a Course Online

The biggest disadvantage to taking an online course is the heightened opportunities to procrastinate. Nobody is there to remind you to arrive for class promptly or call attention to upcoming tests or homework deadlines.

With an online course, you’re required to improve your personal time management abilities for an online course. If you don’t manage your time well, as with most things, you’ll soon find yourself buried under a seemingly insurmountable mountain of lessons. Thankfully, this skill set will be valuable later in life as well.

What Do Online Real Estate Courses Cover

Our online real estate courses prepare you for a career in the real estate industry. Online courses typically cover the basics of contract law, listing agreements, closings, and state-specific regulations. Understanding this information can help you bring in clients and make informed choices as well as sell a property.

As a prospective realtor, you will have many clients looking to you to help guide them through their contracts and paperwork associated with buying a home. Very few real estate firms have legal counsel on sight, so equipping yourself with a foundational knowledge of contract law can help you guide a client into their dream home.

Closings are the most important aspect of a real estate sale. When a seller formally accepts an offer on a property, a purchase agreement is made, and a closing date is determined. After closing, the seller and buyer formally exchange possession of the property so you need to help guide your prospective buyer through this time.

Online real estate courses also provide intensive exam preparation by providing quizzes and study guides. Your 90-hour pre-licensing course will give you the tools necessary to succeed when it comes to the state certification exam.

Pick the Right Online Indiana Real Estate Course

As a prospective realtor, you need to complete 90 hours of prerequisite training before you sit for your licensing exam. Rather than rushing through 90 hours of coursework, our online real estate course gives you the tools necessary for success in the real estate market. Contact us to enroll in an Online Indiana Real Estate Course today!



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