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Indiana Real Estate Classes: In-Person Classes

The state of Indiana is home to over 18,000 real estate agents. If you want to succeed in this exciting, lucrative field, you need to find a way to stand out from the crowd. And that means more than just acing your Indiana real estate license—though that is essential! You also need to learn tricks of the trade, from perfecting your interpersonal skills to understanding Indiana property laws and regulations. And one of the best ways to do this is by taking in-person Indiana real estate classes provided by an experienced learning center like Indiana Real Estate Institute (IREI). Read on to learn more about taking courses taught by active, local real estate professionals.

Why Are In-Person Realtor Classes Beneficial?

Training is essential no matter what stage you’re at in your journey to becoming an Indiana realtor. With so many real estate schools going online in the past decade, you might wonder why you should choose in-person classes.


There’s one thing that students most enjoy about the in-person real estate learning experience, that is the chance to interact with peers and instructors.

In-Person Indiana Real Estate ClassesIn a face-to-face setting, you can:

  • Meet your instructors and classmates
  • Ask questions and receive immediate feedback
  • Participate in debates and discussions
  • Role-play real-world real estate scenarios
  • Network with current and future industry professionals

All this allows students to go beyond classroom materials in a way that wouldn’t be possible online.

In addition, building your network early on means you have strong foundational support for your career. It’s much harder to form strong connections with people through the computer screen.

It Suits Your Learning Style

You’ve probably heard that people have a preferred learning style. This could be visual, auditory, reading and writing, and kinesthetic.

Well, it turns out that most people are actually multimodal learners. They use a unique combination of all these learning styles to intake new information.

By its very nature, in-person learning offers content across all learning styles, from lectures to textbook learning to videos. And this suits the majority of students to a tee.

Classroom-based learning also suits those who have low or no tech skills. No matter how user-friendly an online learning platform is by today’s standards, logging into and navigating these complicated systems can be too much for some people.

There Are No Distractions

Most people lead busy lives, especially those working toward becoming real estate agents. They have to manage their households, put in time at their day job, coordinate the schedules of their family members, and make time for hobbies and holidays.

A set class time is easier to define in your schedule. And having a block of time portioned out for a single purpose can help you show up, complete coursework (on time!), and land that coveted certification or license.

In-person classes also help those with many distractions at home—a cat that needs feeding or children demanding to play—that make it difficult to get dedicated computer time. You can escape to a classroom where the focus is on your learning alone.

What You’ll Learn in IREI’s Indiana Real Estate Classes

For over 30 years, IREI has taught Indiana’s new and experienced agents to pass the state real estate exam. They’re dedicated to lifting the quality and professionalism of the real estate industry in Indiana and across America.

To date, they’ve trained over 10,000 real estate agents! Will you add to that number?

For Prospective Agents

Do you want to dip your toe in the water to see if becoming a real estate agent is for you? Or are you set on getting your real estate license as soon as possible?

Either way, IREI’s in-depth in-person Broker Pre-Licensing classes for prospective agents will help you achieve your goals.

The class is aimed at helping prospective agents meet all the requirements for obtaining their real estate broker’s license, including:

  • License and property law
  • Ins and outs of running a successful agency
  • Environmental concerns
  • The Indiana Fair Housing Act
  • Investment and property taxes

Sign up, and you’ll get all the course materials you need to succeed: a course manual, handouts, a study guide, and unlimited access to IREI’s learning library jam-packed with pre-licensing resources.

You will also have additional training to pass that all-important state exam. This is bundled into another course, A-Ha! REAL ESTATE EXAM PREP, which includes a study guide, practice exams with state-specific and national questions, and access to a private Facebook group.

For Experienced Agents

In-Person Indiana Real Estate ClassesIn any industry, it’s crucial to upskill. But technology and other advances are transforming the real estate sector rapidly. Agents need to stay on top of these changes, and one of the best ways to do so is by enrolling in continuing education classes.

IREI is passionate about helping real estate agents upskill and retrain where needed. They stay on top of the latest developments, continually modifying their continuing education offerings to meet industry changes.

In-person classes are offered throughout the year. Topics include writing effective CMAs, safety as an agent, thinking like an appraiser, running your brokerage successfully, financial advice for clients, selling rural properties, and much more.

There are also workshops and lecture series spanning several days run by legendary Indiana real estate agent and IREI director, Brian C. Lee. Keep an eye on the IREI website for announcements.

Enroll in In-Person Indiana Real Estate Classes Today

Are you considering pivoting into the real estate industry? Perhaps you’re a seasoned real estate professional looking to improve your offerings.

Investing in in-person Indiana real estate classes will help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be. In-person courses are more engaging and provide opportunities for practicing real-life selling skills. You get instant feedback from highly qualified instructors.

Since its foundation in 1990, IREI has developed a solid reputation in the American real estate industry. It’s the go-to school for budding or experienced agents. They offer courses in pre-licensing education, licensing exam preparation, and continuing education, focusing on Indiana real estate.

Explore our courses—offered in-person, virtual, or online—now.



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