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Why Choose Indiana Real Estate Institute for Pre-licensing Classes

Becoming a real estate agent is exciting for many looking forward to a promising and rewarding career. However, getting the proper education to become a real estate agent can be tricky if you aren’t sure where to look. Not all pre-licensing courses are built the same, and some classes might suit you more than others.

For instance, the pre-licensing classes provided by Indiana Real Estate Institute for Pre-Licensing can help you master everything you need to know about real estate before getting your license.

But why choose IREI for Indiana real estate pre-licensing classes over other courses? This article will explain why you should select Indiana Real Estate Institute to meet your pre-licensing education needs. Let’s get started!

Multiple Ways to Learn

The Indiana real estate pre-licensing classes provided by Indiana Real Estate Institute provide students with multiple options to learn in a way they’re comfortable with. Individuals can get their education from IREI in any of the following formats:

  1. Online classes: complete work at your own pace and schedule. This course provides recordings of class presentations that you can access from home.
  2. Virtual classes: virtual courses allow you to join your instructors and classmates online from your home. These classes allow you to interact with your professor more conveniently.
  3. In-person: our in-person courses are led by the top instructors to teach you everything you need to know about real estate. IREI offers multiple start dates for these courses to ensure everyone can learn in a classroom setting.

Unmatched Course Variety

Being restricted to a single course doesn’t typically foster a positive environment, especially for students that want more variety in their classes. The Indiana Real Estate Institute offers an excellent course variety to fulfill your educational requirements while enjoying what you learn. Our Indiana real estate pre-licensing classes will keep you engaged no matter how you like to study or where you like to study from.

Expert Guidance to Build Your Real Estate Skills

A successful real estate agent requires a unique skill set to connect with clients and real estate pre-licensing courses play a vital role in building these skills. The classes offered by the Indiana Real Estate Institute for Pre-Licensing ensure that students can build the following hard and soft skills necessary for any real estate agent:

  • Knowledge and relevant experience with the real estate industry
  • High-quality communication capabilities and literacy
  • A professional network of industry colleagues
  • A careful eye for detail
  • Knowledge of the local geographics, demographics, and community where you operate
  • Flawless time management
  • Confidence in your abilities
  • Empathy and compassion for clients
  • Dedication
  • Resourcefulness
  • Persuasiveness and persistence

Access to Essential Exam Preparation Materials

Having the resources necessary to prepare for your real estate licensing exam guarantees you’re fully prepared to ace your test and become an agent. Indiana Real Estate Institute provides a comprehensive suite of exam preparation materials by giving students a full-access membership to access advanced preparation materials so they can confidently approach the exam.

A Reputable Service You Can Trust

You don’t want just any real estate pre-licensing course–you want the best one. Individuals looking for Indiana real estate pre-licensing classes can trust IREI to provide the best education possible. With over 30 years of experience, IREI is the longest-running real estate school on Indianapolis’s south side and educates students nationwide. Our reputation is unmatchable in terms of a high-quality and reputable pre-licensing education service.

Education Doesn’t Stop at Pre-Licensing

Indiana Real Estate Institute doesn’t only provide exceptional pre-licensing courses for hopeful real estate professionals–we value continued education and offer various courses to keep your education going after you master our pre-licensing course.

Our courses include broker post-licensing education and continuing education to help established real estate agents meet industry requirements. When you choose IREI, you won’t have to worry about finding a new source to continue your real estate education once you complete your pre-licensing course.

Job Placement Services

Indiana Real Estate Institute goes above and beyond other educational providers to ensure you have the knowledge and opportunities to succeed. After completing your IREI course, you can access our helpful job placement services to find a career in real estate suited to your needs and strengths. Rather than worrying about finding somewhere to apply your new skills, you can take an IREI course and have access to the resources to find a job you love.

All the Knowledge You Need to Succeed

The real estate pre-licensing courses from Indiana Real Estate Institute include all the knowledge you need to thrive as a real estate agent. Our pre-licensing courses cover essential information that all real estate agents must know about to provide the highest quality service. IREI’s pre-licensing course covers the following topics and more:

  • License and property law
  • Real estate contracts
  • Fair housing
  • Real estate investments
  • Environmental issues
  • Real estate taxes

What to Expect From the Indiana Broker Pre-Licensure Exam

As you approach your pre-licensure exam with IREI, knowing what to expect is essential. The Indiana real estate pre-licensure exam is completed in two sections, and students must pass both to move forward. These sections are as follows:

  1. A national section, which includes 75 multiple-choice questions. This section requires a passing score of 60 points and has a time limit of 150 minutes.
  2. A state section including 50 multiple-choice questions. This section is worth 50 points and has a passing score of 38 points. Students have 90 minutes to complete this portion.

Get Started With Indiana Real Estate Pre-Licensing Classes From IREI

Getting the most from your pre-licensing courses is possible when you choose the right educational provider. The expert courses from Indiana Real Estate Institute guarantee that you’re prepared to pass your pre-licensing exam and move forward with your career as a real estate professional.

Indiana Real Estate Institute provides students with all the resources necessary to build a career in real estate and find a suitable job they love. Choosing IREI ensures access to expertise that’s hard to come across elsewhere. Get started with IREI today by signing up for our real estate pre-licensing classes!



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