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If you are considering becoming or are already a real estate agent in Greenwood, IN, you’ll find yourself in the heart of a thriving and dynamic real estate market. Greenwood, with its unique charm and strategic location in Indiana, offers a plethora of opportunities for real estate professionals.

Greenwood, IN, offers a robust real estate market with a diverse range of opportunities for real estate agents. The city’s strong economy, sense of community, and access to amenities make it an excellent choice for both buyers and renters, ensuring a steady demand for your real estate services. Get started with real estate classes in Greenwood!


Aspiring real estate brokers who wish to obtain their Indiana real estate broker license can meet all the requirements by taking this online Indiana Real Estate Broker class.


All brokers are required to take this course within two years of obtaining their broker license, including newly licensed agents.



To obtain a Managing Broker license in the State of Indiana, completing this 24-hour course is mandatory.



For established real estate agents we offer many online courses for your continuing education.


For anyone interested in learning more about business, real estate, investments, and other topics.

Angie Tonini-Rogers
Angie Tonini-Rogers
Loved the delivery & course content! For a busy schedule this really helped as i really need to hear the content & examples in class but loved to be able to watch it online on my own time. supplemental materials also allowed for notes & highlighting as well as studying
Pamela Harsh
Pamela Harsh
Brian is a great instructor, he’s knowledgeable, communicated well and makes the class fun.
Eric Severson
Eric Severson
Brian Lee is a true educator. I could not have passed the course without his teaching techniques and passion. I highly recommend this course for somebody who needs the do it at your pace online version. The classroom style modules massively helped with my learning style.
Jacob Westmoreland
Jacob Westmoreland
The instructor is quite knowledgeable and passionate about providing a quality learning experience for the pre-license course. Whether you take it online, or in-person, he is sure to keep your attention.
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